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Name Index - James

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James, (Willougby) Ronald   b15 Apr 1915  d11 Oct 1993 
James, Ada .L.  ***Private***
James, Ada Emma   b1869 
James, Albert Victor   b30 Dec 1897  d12 Sep 1960 
James, Alice   b1871  dBEF 1878 
James, Amy Lavinia   dNov 1979 
James, Andrew   b22nd Jul 1865  d15th Oct 1865 
James, Annetta   b20 Apr 1879 
James, Annetta May  ***Private***
James, Arthur  ***Private***
James, Arthur Ernest   b30 Jan 1878  d4 Oct 1953 
James, Bettina  ***Private***
James, Betty C.  ***Private***
James, Blanch Madeleine   b19 Jul 1899  d19 Aug 1988 
James, Bradley Stephen   b7 Jan 1969  d9 Jan 1969 
James, Cecil .G.   d0 ___ 1921 
James, Celia Emma   b1868 
James, Charles Evan   b1876 
James, Charles Henry   b20 Jul 1890  d? 
James, Charles Theodore   b11th Mar 1856  d2nd Nov 1939 
James, Corie  ***Private***
James, David  ***Private***
James, David  ***Private***
James, David William   b1874 
James, Doris  ***Private***
James, Dulcie Rosa   b00 ___ 1909  d0 ___ 1985 AFT 
James, Edith  ***Private***
James, Elizabeth .M.   b0 ___ 1911  d0 ___ 1911 
James, Elizabeth Maria  ***Private***
James, Emma Doris   b15 Apr 1891 
James, Ethel Maud   b14 May 1881  d7 Jul 1960 
James, Eva Alma   b1880 
James, Florence Margaret   b30 Apr 1896  d4 Nov 1977 
James, Geoffrey  ***Private***
James, George Richard   b1868 
James, Gladys  ***Private***
James, Gregory  ***Private***
James, Gregory  ***Private***
James, Gwendoline D  ***Private***
James, Hannah Louise  ***Private***
James, Heather Lorraine  ***Private***
James, Henry Francis   b30 Jan 1878 
James, Henry John  ***Private***
James, Hugh   b26 Dec 1852 
James, Ina Millie   b0 ___ 1912  d00 ___ 1921 
James, Jack  ***Private***
James, Jack Thomas   b0 ___ 1917  d12 Jul 1917 
James, James  ***Private***
James, Jane  ***Private***
James, Jayson Trevena Willoughby  ***Private***
James, Jean  ***Private***
James, John  ***Private***
James, John   b11 Dec 1816  d12 Jul 1897 
James, John  ***Private***
James, Joseph   b15 May 1858 
James, Judith Loretta  ***Private***
James, Kathleen M  ***Private***
James, Lillie Myrtle   b1882 
James, Lilly   b18 Dec 1882 
James, Loveday  ***Private***
James, Male Baby   dPre 1884 
James, Mansell  ***Private***
James, Margaret Ellen   b10th Nov 1862  d10th Nov 1928 
James, Maria  ***Private***
James, Mark Ronald Willoughby   b29 Sep 1961  d30 Sep 1961 
James, Mary  ***Private***
James, Mary  ***Private***
James, Mathew  ***Private***
James, Melanie Jane  ***Private***
James, Melissa Ann   b2 Jan 1963  d3 Jan 1963 
James, Minnie Mary   b1879 
James, Murray   b16 Jan 1881 
James, Nelson Willoughby  ***Private***
James, Norma Doris  ***Private***
James, Pearl.E.   b0 ___ 1888  d0 ___ 1888 
James, Percy William   b17 Jan 1885  d10 Nov 1977 
James, Peter  ***Private***
James, Philip  ***Private***
James, Philip  ***Private***
James, Philip  ***Private***
James, Rebecca  ***Private***
James, Richard  ***Private***
James, Richard   bABT 1837 
James, Richard Andrew   b20th Mar 1871  d6th Mar 1935 
James, Robert  ***Private***
James, Rosa   b19 Oct 1875  d00 ___ 1942 
James, Rosemary  ***Private***
James, Ross Alexander   b1951  d1984 
James, Samuel   d3rd Jul 1902 
James, Samuel John   b15 Nov 1860  d23 Dec 1925 
James, Samuel Leslie  ***Private***
James, Sarah  ***Private***
James, Stanley   b15 Jan 1885  d16 Jul 1919 
James, Stanley Wilford  ***Private***
James, Stephen   b0 ___ 1856  d0 ___ 1930 
James, Terry  ***Private***
James, Thomas   b22nd Jul 1865  d30th Dec 1865 
James, Thomas   b00 ___ 1846  d8 Dec 1907 
James, Thomas John   b1872 
James, Thomas Murray   b0 ___ 1918  dMay 1920 
James, Tyson Daniell Bernard Patrick  ***Private***
James, Vicky  ***Private***
James, Vivienne Jasmine  ***Private***
James, Walter   b0 ___ 1936  d0 ___ 1936 
James, Walter  ***Private***
James, Wilfred Downs  ***Private***
James, William  ***Private***
James, William John   b1854 
James, William Joseph Lunson  ***Private***
James, William Joseph Lunson  ***Private***
James, Willoughby .M.  ***Private***
James, Willoughby Harold   b17 Aug 1877  d28 Sep 1959 
James, Willoughby Harold Ronald  ***Private***