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Name Index - Dwyer

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Dwyer,  ***Private***
Dwyer, Alice Clare  ***Private***
Dwyer, Arthur Norman   b23 Oct 1904  d7 Aug 2000 
Dwyer, Barry Francis  ***Private***
Dwyer, Bernard Joseph  ***Private***
Dwyer, Brian Patrick  ***Private***
Dwyer, Carolyn Ann  ***Private***
Dwyer, Damien  ***Private***
Dwyer, David Barry  ***Private***
Dwyer, David John  ***Private***
Dwyer, Dorothy Junita  ***Private***
Dwyer, Edith Muriel   b7 Feb 1907  d23 May 1979 
Dwyer, Emily  ***Private***
Dwyer, George Erliston   b20 Mar 1902  d16 Nov 1966 
Dwyer, Geremy Joseph  ***Private***
Dwyer, Harlin Bernard  ***Private***
Dwyer, Hillman Stanley   b24 Dec 1898  d31 May 1991 
Dwyer, James Bernard   b20 Jan 1895 
Dwyer, James Bernard  ***Private***
Dwyer, James Edward   b15 Mar 1870  d4 Mar 1943 
Dwyer, John Matthew  ***Private***
Dwyer, John Phillip  ***Private***
Dwyer, Joseph Francis  ***Private***
Dwyer, Kate  ***Private***
Dwyer, Marianne Joan  ***Private***
Dwyer, Marilyne Patricia  ***Private***
Dwyer, Mary Patricia  ***Private***
Dwyer, Matthew Gerald  ***Private***
Dwyer, Maxwell John  ***Private***
Dwyer, Patricia  ***Private***
Dwyer, Patrick James Lindsay   b25 Apr 1900  d13 May 1901 
Dwyer, Peggy  ***Private***
Dwyer, Peter James  ***Private***
Dwyer, Rosemary Frances  ***Private***
Dwyer, Tammy Elizabeth  ***Private***
Dwyer, Tanny Elizabeth  ***Private***
Dwyer, Thomas Joseph  ***Private***