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Name Index - Cross

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Cross,  ***Private***
Cross, Agnes   b1803  d1861 
Cross, Agnes Ducat   b12 Dec 1854 
Cross, Albert George Campbell   b14 Jul 1894  d13 Jul 1955 
Cross, Alison  ***Private***
Cross, Bryan Walter  ***Private***
Cross, Catherine Ducat   b1834  d14 Jun 1906 
Cross, Catherine Ducket   b5 Jan 1851 
Cross, Catherine Smith   b1887  d1910 
Cross, Craig George  ***Private***
Cross, David   b1849  d1905 
Cross, David  ***Private***
Cross, David Ducat   b1836  d11 Feb 1912 
Cross, David Ducat   b14 Oct 1869  d1 Oct 1938 
Cross, David Lennox   b10 Jul 1896  d7 Aug 1932 
Cross, Diane Erica  ***Private***
Cross, Dominic  ***Private***
Cross, Duncan Smith   b1892  d1894 
Cross, Elizabeth   b1767 
Cross, George   b1796  d6 Oct 1859 
Cross, George   b6 Jun 1864  d8 Mar 1929 
Cross, George Albert Lennox  ***Private***
Cross, Gertrude Madeline  ***Private***
Cross, Heather  ***Private***
Cross, Henry  ***Private***
Cross, Isabella Burnett   b19 Jun 1866  d7 Jun 1867 
Cross, James   b31 Oct 1825 
Cross, James   b1766 
Cross, Jane   b1879  d1958 
Cross, Janet   b1775 
Cross, Jenny  ***Private***
Cross, Joanna   b1778 
Cross, John   b1773 
Cross, John  ***Private***
Cross, Ken  ***Private***
Cross, Kevin  ***Private***
Cross, Laura Anderson  ***Private***
Cross, Marcus John  ***Private***
Cross, Margaret   b1801  d1868 
Cross, Margaret Bowman   b16 Oct 1874  d2 Nov 1961 
Cross, Marguerita Melville  ***Private***
Cross, Marion Minnie   b1876  d1940 
Cross, Mary   b1872  d23 Aug 1921 
Cross, Mary McIntosh   b13 Mar 1857 
Cross, Mungo Ducat   b9 Dec 1828  d5 Jun 1863 
Cross, Peter   b1771 
Cross, Robert   b1881  d19 Jan 1956 
Cross, Robert Lewis George  ***Private***
Cross, Robina Cairncross  ***Private***
Cross, Simon  ***Private***
Cross, Wilhelmina Buchanan  ***Private***
Cross, William   b1894  d1976 
Cross, William Baird  ***Private***
Cross, William McIntosh   b16 May 1852  d12 Oct 1867 
Cross, Winston David  ***Private***