The Global Family Project


This web site would not have been possible without the contributions of the people listed below. Click on their links to see their individual pages.

Robyn Anderson Paul Barfoot Deirdre Beaton Peter Briggs
Shirley Bushby Steven L Carr Jennie Chapman Graeme Dobson
Roger Engelken Anthony Fletcher Lisa Gibson Vickie Goldsmith
Les Gover Marlene Greiner David Hall Yvonne Hewitt
Bill Hite Margaret Knight Katherine Koning Robyn Leeds
Chris McKenzie Sylvia Murphy Brian Peirce Rosemary Rana
Jonathan Rhodes Natalie Scattergood Rick Smith Eddy Steenbergen
Margaret Stokes Lindsay Swadling David Widdowson David Woodcock
Patricia Woodcock

If you have found a family connection to someone featured on this web site and would like to become a contributor to The Global Family Project, send a copy of your GEDCOM file to Please leave in all details when creating your GEDCOM as the details of living people will be stripped before being displayed online.